Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Testing and Certification


Unlocking workplaces safely and conveniently

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted movement and made life unpredictable. As a consequence businesses and communities have been challenged emotionally and financially. A return to normal life is a much needed antidote.

AbC-19TM uses lateral flow and App technology to confirm the presence of SARS-CoV-2 IgG neutralising antibodies before producing an antibody certificate via an App.

The presence of neutralising antibodies is an important factor in determining a person's immunity status. Therefore, the AbC-19™ solution is a powerful tool for providing businesses with the confidence to fully open their doors again.

Lower cost and convenience for workplaces

A worked example for a company testing employees twice a week for 3 months.*
  • Get tested once
  • Receive a antibody certificate
  • Prove COVID-19 IgG neutralising antibody status anywhere

What does this mean?

  • Easily and accurately confirm who has COVID-19 neutralising antibodies
  • Less frequent workplace testing
  • Access to an intuitive and accurate technology that can easily fit into daily processes with minimal disruption 
  • Reassure people they can move about safe in the knowledge their fellow employees also have neutralising antibodies

Open the door on life

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AbC19 app-on train

Want to learn more?

*Visit this article 'How antibody testing can unlock hard hit sectors of the economy' to learn about the justification for the worked example.